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Digital Angle Finder

Digital Angle Finder

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The Perfect Tool for Accurate Marking & Measuring Angles!

Perfect Point ® Digital Angle Finder comes with an LCD display and blue back-light. It is able to see the measured record under any circumstances.

The wide measurement range (0-230°) and high precision (±0.5°) angle gauge make your work with efficiency and comfort.

What’s more, is it's simple to transfer the miter angle for your miter/slide saw by pressing the MITER key. The shell of the protractor is made of strong and durable aluminum - suitable for the complicated working environment.

What Makes Perfect Point® Digital Angle Finder The Best?

High Accuracy, Great Durability

The durable aluminum tool with 0-230° measuring range,

0.1 increments, ±0.5°(9mm/m) accuracy.


Miter Gauge Function

Can be used as a miter angle calculator.

Transfers the miter angle for your miter/slide saw.

Convenient Pivot Locking

Single button for loose/hold function.

Easy to store carry around.

Readout Frozen and Auto Power Off

Readout using hold button.

Automatically turns off when not in use for extended battery life.

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