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Crystal Clear Headlight Polish

Crystal Clear Headlight Polish

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Dirty headlights can REDUCE the LIGHT OUTPUT by up to 95% REDUCING the projection distance up to 90%. And to have it cleaned with WATER & SOAP is JUST a TEMPORARY PROTECTION.

As car headlights age, their effectiveness wears off as natural forces wear down the plastic shielding that protects the headlamps. This wearing down can cause a hazy appearance, yellowing, oxidization or even cracks which can lead to low visibility or accidents!  

Here’s a good SOLUTION for you,
Our Car Headlight Repair: Anti-scratch Liquid is a cleaner that is specifically formulated for Headlights. The Car Headlight Repair Tool negates the years of damage and brings your headlights back to life!

Anti-scratch Liquid has a superhydrophobic glass coating that acts as a barrier coating over the surface of the headlight. It effectively removes haze and corrosion from the lenses. 

Car Headlight Repair can protect your car from aging, fading, sunlight erosion and acid rain.

It restores the light output and light beam. It protects your car from scratches. It also has Long-lasting UV protection.


  • Perfect repair for your car headlight
  • Much cheaper than buying new headlights and paying for installation
  • Quick and very simple to use! 
  • Great to use for scratches, yellowing, oxidation, and hazy headlights.

Package Included:

1 x Headlight Polishing Set

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