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Claws Garden Gloves

Claws Garden Gloves

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Gardening Gloves Breathable Waterproof Earth-Digging Gloves Garden Planting Sting-Resistant Protective Latex Gloves With Claws

[Faster and easier digging and race-digging] - Built-in sharp claws can quickly dig plants or seeds, saving the hassle of planting shovels and shelves.

[Perforation-Proof] -- Latex coated gloves are perforation-proof and waterproof. This helps gardeners and workers easily handle plants with prickly or sharp-edged objects.

[Breathable but waterproof] -- The gloves use a unique latex impregnation process to make them waterproof but breathable. Whether the morning dew or raindrops are on the plants, you can start working.

[Smart and Universal Size]-- These gloves are thin and flexible, allowing your hands to do whatever they want. Good flexibility makes it a common size for most people.

[Perfect Gift for gardeners] -- These waterproof and flexible rubber-coated garden gloves with claws are the perfect gift for moms, gardeners, or people who work outdoors with their hands. These work gloves are perfect for digging, planting, weeding, and other yard work.







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