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Adjustable 3-8mm T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench

Adjustable 3-8mm T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench

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    Material: Ratchet Tap Wrench: Alloy steel (surface treatment: electroplating)
    Screw Thread Taps: Ball-bearing steel
    Color: Silver (shown as the pictures)
    Length of wrench: 85mm/3.3inch, 100mm/3.94inch (shown as the pictures)
    Size of screw thread taps (Standard): M3*0.5, M4*0.7, M5*0.8, M6*1.0, M8*1.25
    Main points of operation:
    1. The pit and hole must be chamfered first
    2. To use the screw thread tap correctly matching with drill clamp
    3. Keep vertical alignment operation
    4. Horizontally cutting into the wrench and rotating for 2-3 times
    5. To confirm whether it is vertical after cutting
    6. Tapping 3/4 turn and a quarter turn back
    7. Horizontally and reversal pull out after finishing tapping
    8. Remember that cutting metal needs to use the oil
    Three-position gearbox for quick, efficient ratcheting action. Knurled nut for tightening
    Designed for use with taps and can also be used on the left-hand tap, reamers, screw extractors and other tools with a square shank.
    Ratchet action with three positions: forward, reverse and lock
    Adjustable T-Handle can be "slipped" from side to side for positioning convenience and added leverage in tight places
    Easily switched from left to right-handed operation, or locked for non-ratcheting use
    Quantity:1 Set

Package includes:

    1 x T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench
    5 x Screw Thread Taps 

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