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6 Inch Electric Drill Modified To Electric Chainsaw

6 Inch Electric Drill Modified To Electric Chainsaw

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Do you want to modify your electric drill into electric chainsaws? Then you can try this modify accessory. With this accessory tool set, you can get an electric chainsaws by modifying your electric drill rather than buy a new one. If you are looking for this product, come and have a try, it will not let you down.


Convenient to Use: Compared to traditional electric chainsaws, this chainsaws part is more light and portable, and also easier to storage.

Easy to Modify: With this modification tool set, you do not need to buy a new electric chainsaws, you just need to spend a little time modifying it, saving your money and time.

Auxiliary Handle: The auxiliary handle can also be assembled easily, you can hold it tightly when using the machine, give you a comfortable use experience.

Adaptability: This modified tool attachment is suitable for 6-13mm three-jaw collet drill.

Preferred Material: The guide plate and the chains are made of alloy material and the handle is made of plastics material, which can provide a long service time.

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